EarthMoments Launches New Website

EarthMoments New Website
EarthMoments launches it's new website, offering a wider selection of signature ethnic bundles, and an improved user interface.

In the coming weeks, EarthMoments is scheduled to release speciality bundles, more collections, and special offers.

Loopmasters Awards

Loopmaster Award

EarthMoments Bundles are getting a lot of attention at, winning three Producer Awards,10/10 Ratings, and good reviews.


EarthMoments Collaborates with Exotic Instrument Maker Svaram

EarthMoments collaborates with Svaram, a music instrument researcher who has built an extremely rare and unique collection of instruments in South India, on the development of unique native Instruments from the recordings of these one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, organic and exotic instruments.


A New Soundtrack Featuring EarthMoments Bundles

Covelong Point SurfCovelong Point Is a new documentary film that tells the story of Covelong Point, the first surfing village in India, and the story of one man, Murthy, a fisherman who has a dream.

The Soundtrack of this flim was created using only the sound bundles from the EarthMoments collections.


EarthMoments is now Ableton Live Ready

EarthMoments - Islands Project - Indian Ocean