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Covelong Point Is a new documentary film that tells the story of Covelong Point, the first surfing village in India, and the story of one man, Murthy, a fisherman who has a dream.

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Covelong Point documents the obstacles before Murthy in forming a surf school, from the start of the project, through to the realisation of a dream. The vision of the film is to raise awareness with surfers, surfing organisations and surfboard manufacturers to be a part of the movement to make Murthy’s dream for Covelong Point come true.

The Covelong Point Project

The Covelong Point Project is in support of Murthy’s dream of setting up a Surf School in Covelong.

This translates simply to 30 boards, a group of committed people and a few famous surfers who will come to Covelong to:

- Connect with the locals
- Conduct workshops of surf teaching, share techniques and knowledge
- Inspire budding surfers to learn, and to later teach
- Help build a thatch hut on the beach for the school
- Inaugurate it with a small village surf competition

In a journey of hope and friendship, Covelong Point is a story of sea and surf, with the colourful and incredible background of South East India.

Covelong Point Website: http://www.covelongpoint.com/


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