Loopmasters Awards

Loopmaster Award

EarthMoments Bundles are getting a lot of attention at www.loopmasters.com, winning three Producer Awards,10/10 Ratings, and good reviews.


EarthMoments Collaborates with Exotic Instrument Maker Svaram

EarthMoments collaborates with Svaram, a music instrument researcher who has built an extremely rare and unique collection of instruments in South India, on the development of unique native Instruments from the recordings of these one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, organic and exotic instruments.


A New Soundtrack Featuring EarthMoments Bundles

Covelong Point SurfCovelong Point Is a new documentary film that tells the story of Covelong Point, the first surfing village in India, and the story of one man, Murthy, a fisherman who has a dream.

The Soundtrack of this flim was created using only the sound bundles from the EarthMoments collections.


EarthMoments is now Ableton Live Ready

EarthMoments - Islands Project - Indian Ocean