Sultan Qanun - World Strings Series

From the Ottoman Empire to Persia and beyond, the Qanun is a stringed instrument with a classic look and sound. EarthMoments presents the Sultan Qanun bundle, a truly majestic instrument. 

The Sultan Qanun bundle includes a variety of playing styles and expressions to capture the true sounds and characteristics of this noble instrument.  Each sample is meticulously recorded so the the subtleties of the strings and percussive nature comes through.  This bundle includes oneshots, loops at various tempos, and free of tempo phrases to help inspire you.

This diverse instrument can be used on its or accompanying other instruments - the character and warmth can be hypnotic.  

As an accompanying instrument, the qanun can add subtle melodic phrasing or even lead.   With its distinct tones and microtones, you can here the exotic eastern sound.

The history of the qanun goes back to around to the 10th century, perhaps evolving from the Egyptian harp and is often considered to be Arab although many variations exist throughout the middle east. 

For even more authentic vibes, try adding the Oriental Ney or Desert Oud, with some Arabic percussion in the Hamsa bundles.

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