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September 01, 2020 1 min read

Omkar Kirtan has been active in the musical scene for many years. His first and most widely celebrated project was Old Man RiverToday, Omkar Kirtan's newest project explores the ancient Indian practice of Kirtan. The practice involves chanting mantras or calling the names of love in a group, which turns into lively, uplifting music.

Omkar Kirtan shares with us a behind the scenes look at his song "Lokah" which demonstrates how he built a rhythmic foundation, featuring our sample pack Distant Rhythms, at multiple tempos to create an uplifting Kirtan song. 

The EarthMoments packs featured on "Lokah" include Distant Rhythms and Indian Emotions. Distant Rhythms is a comprehensive Indian Percussion sample pack that features a wide array of instruments including the Ghatam, Kanjira, Tabla, and many more. In this video, Omkar Kirtan explains how he uses our tabla samples at multiple tempos as a foundation for his song. 

Later in the song, an emotive sample of the instrument dillruba is featured from the sample pack Indian Emotions. This pack features expressive samples of string and woodwind instruments including the Ektara, Esraj, Bansuri flute, and many more. If you are particular captivated by the sounds and culture of India, we recommend the Pure India Collection, which includes both Distant Rhythms and Indian Emotions as well as the vocal pack Voice of India at a discounted price. 

EarthMoments is proud to have been a part of this project as we strive to create breathtaking samples that inspire creativity. 

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