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February 25, 2016 1 min read

EarthMoments ZenPad - Poly Reverse - an innovative new Grand Construction Kit for Ableton Live that dives deep into unexplored dimensions of sound. 

This pack was recorded and processed using analogue equipment and effects to create a selection of vividly imaginative samples, some played in reverse to create whimsical playgrounds of sound reminiscent of the psychedelic era of the 60’s and 70’s. Jagged textures, avant garde soundscapes, haunting atmospheres – the kit includes over 400 loops and samples tailor made for professional use in music production, sound design and film score compositions.

Poly Reverse employs a panorama of offbeat instrumentation - analog synths, pianos, ethnic instruments, old records played in reverse, jukebox style vocals, vintage drum kits, hollow bodied bass lines, and 60’s style guitar vibes.

This starkly unique collection of timbres is like no other, offering an aptly inspiring starting point for any producer looking to create forward thinking, futuristic compositions with a vintage touch.

Hear more and purchase the ZenPad Packs in the Ableton Pack Store.

Also, we are now offering huge savings on ZenPad Grand Construction Kits for Ableton Live - get three ZenPad packs for the price of two!

- Bundle Vol. 01 features ZenPad Oriental, Mantra and Bollywood Packs - all three for just $158
- Bundle Vol. 02 features ZenPad Waterworx, Poly Reverse and Le Slow Packs - all three for just $158

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